7 Most Popular WordPress Page Builder Plugins

Many newbies find modifying their WordPress page layouts challenging when launching their website. You could employ a developer to create a website page without constantly worrying about coding, but it will be a costly affair.

Fortunately, WordPress page builders currently make it possible to quickly and easily design a custom WordPress page or complete site without any coding knowledge. With the numerous configurable construction components, including galleries, icons, and text spaces that you may assemble by dragging and dropping, these extensions replace or enhance the regular editor. Let’s look at seven of the most popular WordPress page builder plugins used today.

Best WordPress Page Builder Plugins

1.    Elegant Themes

Elegant Theme’s logo

Elegant Themes is one tool you’ll most likely come across if you search for a WordPress theme. It’s one of the most popular WordPress plugins because of its phenomenally successful Divi Theme, a few strong plugins, a vibrant user group, and an expanding network. In its 14 years of business, Elegant Themes has helped well over 800,000 clients. It expanded its workforce to over 100 employees, now spread over 20 nations.

To give its clients the greatest quality service possible, Elegant Themes has toned down and now only provides three potent plugins, Monarch, Bloom, and Divi Builder, in addition to the two top-quality themes, Divi and Extra. Additionally, since Elegant Themes is reasonably priced, it continues to maintain its appeal in the crowded WordPress plugin and theme industry.

Elegant Themes is well-known for its high-quality solutions and flexible pricing options. You may get all of its plugins and themes just for $89 a year, which is quite affordable in the grand scheme of things. The slightly more expensive “Lifetime Access” option, which grants you direct exposure to all current and future items for a yearly subscription of $249, is truly the best bargain if you intend to use Elegant Themes solutions for several years.

The versatile theme Divi that was first released in 2013 is spectacular. It also appears to be Elegant Themes’ flagship design, which gave the company its quick fame and success. It’s perfect for first-time WordPress users who want to build unique websites without anyone ever having to see a line of code. However, experienced web designers searching for a tool to help them create custom websites for their customers more quickly have also started to choose this strong theme.

Divi Builder, a page builder, also comes along with Divi. With the help of Divi Builder, you may make a unique website without any coding experience. To create your own distinctive layouts, simply drag and drop rows, columns, site components, and unique Divi modules.

The Divi Leads tool is another aspect of this theme worth considering. It is possible to run split testing with Divi Leads to improve the layout and content of your website. Divi Leads takes the uncertainty out of deciding which headlines or color scheme your readers will connect with. Lastly, the Divi theme from Elegant Themes is distinguished by its pre-designed layout bundles. No matter your website’s industry, there will be a layout that fits it with over 100 options available.

2.    Thrive Themes

Thrive Theme’s logo

Since its introduction in 2013, Thrive Themes, referred to as Thrive Suite now, has established itself among the most recognized and prosperous WordPress site plugins and theme providers. It is the most cutting-edge yet user-friendly website creation tool. With the help of Thrive Themes’ WordPress themes, extensions, and drag-and-drop editor, even those without coding experience may create original websites.

The company created this conversion-focused toolkit with one objective: to assist you in converting website visitors into subscribers. You’ll be able to increase your business’s revenue, prospects, subscribers, and consumers with it.

With the Thrive Theme Builder, Thrive Leads, Thrive Optimize, Thrive Quiz Builder, Thrive Ultimatum, Thrive Architect, and many others, Thrive Themes offers a full suite of solutions. All of Thrive Suite’s plugins are included when you buy the suite. The pricing for the Thrive Suite yearly subscription is $299.

The Thrive Theme Builder is a versatile, user-friendly WordPress theme to help users create WordPress websites. It will allow you to easily construct and alter every element of your website, content pages, blog post themes, search results pages, category results pages, and more. A lead-generating plugin in the Thrive Suite is called Thrive Leads, which makes it simple to implement conversion-focused pages on your website.

There are many different types of opt-in forms that you can use. Your forms can be targeted based on keywords, categories, particular pages, certain articles, and more. You can completely personalize forms using the drag-and-drop visual editor. Your website’s pages can be subjected to A/B testing with the help of Thrive Optimize, which is made to help you increase conversion rates. 

The greatest quiz plugin for WordPress is the Thrive Quiz Builder. This plugin is essential because quizzes are a fantastic method to grow an audience, increase traffic, and develop a following on social media. Another adaptable and user-friendly plugin, Thrive Ultimatum, can help you market and sell your digital goods.

With the help of this tool, you may launch campaigns with fixed dates for limited-time offerings and ones that are constantly repeated so that your scarcity ads occur frequently. Lastly, the Thrive Architect is a plugin for page builders that also makes it simple to develop landing pages optimized for conversions. It may be used to design unique layouts for any page, including blog entries.

3.    SEOPressor

SEOPressor’s logo


In 2016, Daniel Tan created and released SEOPressor. It strives to be the top WordPress SEO plugin for all of your requirements. You may optimize your on-page blog entries with the help of this powerful WordPress plugin. Additionally, it will give you information on your site’s SEO status, helping you rank higher on Google.

The SEOPressor Connect plugin currently powers almost 23 million WordPress pages, and it has been working for almost five years. For each post you create on WordPress, this plugin assigns a score. If you want better rankings, your objective should be to raise your score. The SEOPressor plugin has the wonderful feature of providing a score that includes elements like Word count, Comprehension, and SQ (Semantic Quality) Density.

In general, this plugin combines all the specific details about your site and presents them all in one convenient location. Here, you can quickly and simply obtain all the crucial details on the SEO health of your website. Even a novice can perform SEO correctly and easily, thanks to this plugin. To properly appreciate this plugin’s fantastic features, you must use it yourself. You have very little to lose because there is a 60-day money-back assurance. The plugin assigns a rating to your site based on the various parameters that SEOPressor evaluates. The audit might finish in as little as 3 minutes if your website is brand-new. The audit may take many hours for big sites with tens of hundreds of pages.

When the audit is complete, the tool will provide you with a broad overview of any potential problems that might be keeping your site from appearing favorably in the Google search results. You can go through and correct each mistake one at a time. This tool is a terrific approach to evaluating your website and making the necessary adjustments to boost the SEO quality of your website.

This tool has flexible and reasonable price options. Maximum On-Page SEO Control, Unlimited On-Page Analysis, Free Lifetime Updates, and Unlimited Domains are all included in the $9/month package offered by SEOPressor. The best thing about this extension is that it only requires one license to use SEOPressor across different domains.

4.    BeaverBuilder

BeaverBuilder’s logo

The next popular graphical page builder for WordPress on our list is Beaver Builder. It provides a specific theme and a theme builder. In contrast to its rivals, Beaver Builder appears to have a strong presence in the tech community and offers website designers and their customers a platform to construct and manage websites without the typical hassles. Beaver Builder is a wonderful option for those who enjoy customizing their websites because of its increased customization options and additional tools.

Beaver Builder’s visual, drag-and-drop builder is its main attraction. Thanks to this feature, you may create unique designs without writing a single line of code. A further benefit of Beaver Builder is that, unlike so many other page builders, it allows you to customize the interface design to suit your preferences. Additionally, it makes layout control simple.

When using any other page builders, you must first set up your row and column layouts before you can begin adding sections. However, you may easily add a new column by dragging a module next to another in Beaver Builder.

Since Beaver Builder layouts are all responsive by default, they will change according to whether a user is checking out the website on their computer, tablet, or smartphone. The adaptable editing mode in Beaver Builder also enables you to make adjustments for particular devices, such as altering the font size and style and hiding individual columns, rows, or modules, if you prefer greater flexibility.

Beaver Builder offers four pricing plans: Ultimate, agency, pro, and standard. The ultimate plan is priced at $546 per year, the agency plan is priced at $399 per year, the pro plan costs $199 per year, and the standard plan is $99 per year.

5.    AccessWP

AccessWP’s logo

One of the more recent WP firms, Access WP, began operations in 2017. Anthony Tran founded the business, which has its corporate offices in Southern California with US-based support staff. Essentially, AccessWP assists with managing tasks like protecting plugins, accelerating the load time of your website, updating plugins and themes, and setting up favicons.

WordPress users can take advantage of the services provided by AccessWP. Except for significant US holidays, including Thanksgiving, Xmas, and New Year’s, AccessWP’s US-based support staff is accessible around-the-clock. In general, AccessWP strives to finish tasks that are submitted within eight hours. However, you’ll frequently notice that your task is finished sooner than the provided time.

Your website’s performance is a crucial factor in your company’s success. Many users will leave a website if it takes more than 5 seconds to load, preventing them from interacting with the products and services you have to offer. That’s because visitors generally have a terrible user experience on sluggish websites. The AccessWP team will ensure frequent evaluations of your page sizes and load times are conducted to prevent this. This is done to ensure that none of the page’s elements are greater than needed.

Additionally, the time it takes for a page to open shouldn’t go beyond a certain threshold; you must find the problem before it starts to affect your user experience. To identify the causes of slow page speed, the team will analyze the speed of your website. The installation of cache, image file size reduction, and database cleanup are additional responsibilities that this plugin takes care of.

Access WP has three different monthly options, and each is good for just one WordPress site. Endless small jobs, round-the-clock email assistance, and uptime monitoring are all features of the $99/month standard plan.

All the standard plan features are included in the $149/month premiere plan, which also offers malware virus elimination, security protection, storage, and restore services. Finally, the VIP plan, which costs $199/month, offers all the same features as the Premiere bundle and the capacity to submit three tasks concurrently and web hosting.

6.    MemberMouse

MemberMouse’s logo

One of the most attractive online income streams comes through membership websites. They may be used to market and sell information, digital goods, and other things. Customers can pay a one-time price to join, but it’s more popular to employ a subscription model, and you can limit access to certain products and content to subscribers to encourage signups. 

MemberMouse is among the best WordPress plugins for creating membership websites. It allows you total control over what visitors may see on your website and offers many marketing resources to boost your monthly revenue.

Any WordPress website can be configured to use MemberMouse. Although there are separate membership programs online, WordPress is the best platform for creating a membership website since it gives you access to millions of plugins and themes.

The usefulness of your website is significantly increased by plugins and themes, which also make it simpler to customize your website’s appearance and facilitate content publishing. Protecting any page or post on your website is one of MemberMouse’s primary features. You can divide your memberships into different tiers and provide only certain members with accessibility to your material. MemberMouse likewise stops the sharing of accounts. If the software notices many users accessing the same account, those accounts may be locked automatically.

There are three monthly subscription plans that MemberMouse provides for its customers. The first one is the Builder Plan, priced at $29 per month, the Advanced Plan, which costs $79 per month, and the Premium Plan, which is priced at $199 per month. They also offer a 14-day free trial.

7.    PremiumCoding WordPress Themes

PremiumCoding’s logo

For your business or personal use, PremiumCoding is a group of theme developers who provide everything you may need for WordPress. The material serves as their primary design element and has sophisticated and simple design frames. In addition, they provide the consumers with completely functional, responsive themes which have been expertly created. In 2010, the Premium Coding team was established, and these themes elevate your website to the next level of attractiveness with their simple and minimalistic designs.

You have a wide range of choices, from straightforward and lightweight blog themes to imaginative and multifunctional themes. You can choose from various paid and free themes at PremiumCoding, and several flexible payment methods are available. The plugin already has more than 25 WordPress themes accessible, which are divided into six specific categories and one free theme section.

In the theme club known as PremiumCoding, free and paid themes are available for purchase. A lifetime and one-year membership licenses are offered. They also provide all dissatisfied consumers with a 30-day, no-questions-asked return policy. For $39 – $49, you can get a single theme license that gives you access to one WordPress theme and a year’s professional support and theme upgrades. You can also acquire a one-year membership license for $89 – $129, which includes one year of premium support and updates and full access for subscribers. The Lifetime Membership License is offered for a one-time cost of $269 and includes lifetime premium support and upgrades in addition to full subscriber access.

Final Verdict

The WordPress page builders listed above are among the best choices for a quick but effective design. The user experience is just as important as the functionality. This is why it’s important to test each page builder before choosing one.