Facebook Lead Ads – Why You Need Email Notifications (Important)

Do you run a business and run Facebook advertisement campaigns? The leads are collected in Facebook but you should set it up to have automatic notifications to yourself as soon as a lead comes in. I will explain reasons why email notifications for Facebook lead ads are important.

1. Facebook Lead Notification Response Time

When a potential client submits a lead form, Facebook doesn’t notify you right away. It can take many hours before you find out. 

If you are in sales you know that a rapid response time leads to a higher chance of increasing conversion rate or closing the sale. Studies show that the optimal time to contact your lead is under 5 minutes. 

Contact them first or somebody else will. Many customers simply just go with whichever company contacts them first. 

2. Running Facebook Ads for a Client?

If you are running a digital marketing agency, having an automated system will save you a-lot of time. 

You can forward a copy of the lead contact info in an email to your client and yourself. You will not need to manually download a CSV or report just to access the leads. 

3. Integrate Facebook Lead into a CRM

Once a lead submits their information to your Facebook Ad, Facebook will store it somewhere but you should move this data into a CRM. A CRM will help you keep organized with a marketing funnel that shows which stage the lead is in. 

You can set up a simple funnel like the following below: 

marketing funnel

4. Looking For Affordable and Efficient Software for Facebook Lead Ads Email Notification?

Try Make! Make (Formerly known as Integromat) is a simple, affordable and powerful integration tool to automate many processes in your business. There is a visual editor which you can drag and drop different apps to create an integration. You can try it for FREE

I personally use Make to automatically send an email notification for my Facebook Lead Ads and also send the lead information to a Google Spreadsheet. 

I also made a quick tutorial on how to use Make for email notifications for Facebook Lead ads. Check it out here