3 Ways To Get Clients For Digital Marketing Agency

how to get clients for your digital marketing agency

Where To Find More Clients?

So you have started your own digital/social media marketing agency (SMMA). Now to find clients

Think about where your client’s would hangout. If you are trying to work with other business owners, doing B2B, you need utilize the platforms that they are on to best reach them.

 Think about different groups, types of social media, networking events that those business owners in your niche  I think two of the most common places would be Facebook business groups and LinkedIn. 

Finding Clients on Facebook

One of the reasons why I like to try to find local business owners on Facebook is because they already have some familiarity with social media. Sometimes they link their business page to their personal profile. You can check if they are currently running Facebook Ads on their business page.  To do this simply go to their home page and scroll down until you see “Page Transparency”.

find clients on facebook

Click on the “See All” button and it will show if the page is currently running any Ads. If they are not, it might be a chance to ask them if they need help managing their Ad campaigns. If they currently ARE then look to see there is anything that you can do to make their Ad better. 

Ask them to get on a call to see if they would like any free tips to make their ads better. This is a great way to add value and build a rapport for your potential client.

Finding Clients Through Facebook Groups

Many local business owners join groups with titles such as… Contractors and Friends, HVAC Professionals, Dentist Network etc. This is a great place to look for clients and learn more about your industry. People often share frustrations and problems they are facing. In a social media marketing agency you are like a doctor. You need to provide them a solution. Reach out to those who have issues with lead generation.

The great thing about 

The more you learn about what their needs are…the better you can help them. 

Reach More Clients For Your SMMA with Automation: Try Pepper

It’s tough to reach out to hundreds of business owners a day manually. Not to mention a time drain where you can focus on other important aspects of your social media marketing agency. Free up your time with simple automation tools.

Try using Pepper. Pepper is a software that adds Facebook friends for you and sends them a welcome message. You can customize the types of profiles you want Pepper to send a request to. Once someone accepts your friend request you can send them a welcome message to start conversations right away. You need to focus on other aspects of your business. 

Messaging Potential Clients and Prospecting

When you are messaging clients you need to avoid sounding spammy. Try out different types of opening messages that keep the conversation going and the goal is to get them to schedule a call or appointment with you. 

The great thing about using Pepper is that you can test different opening messages to see what really works in a standardized way. There are thousands and thousands of business owners out there that need your service. I found it extremely difficult to message people here and there to see what works and keeping on top of it.

It’s important to remember that although Pepper will help you get that initial conversation started. From there on it’s up to you to have actual conversations. Sometimes it’s not about closing the sales call. Have genuine interest in their business and let them know if you can help them or not. Build your network. Maybe they are not a client now but later down the line.