How to Setup Facebook Lead Ads Email Notification.

Facebook Lead Ads + Email Notification

Do you run Facebook Lead advertisements? After you collected the lead information now what? Facebook doesn’t tell you right away when a lead submits their info. Sometimes it takes hours before it shows up. In my tutorial I will show you a simple way to using Integromat to setup Facebook Lead Ads Email Notification.

You will learn how to send lead information directly to you or your client automatically once they submit a lead form on Facebook. 

1. Sign Up for Integromat

Integromat is a software that allows you to automate many of your processes and tasks with a few clicks. It has helped me save tons of time from doing things manually.

Integromat offers a FREE plan for basic operations!

2.Navigate to the Dashboard

2.1 Click on Create a New Scenario

This is on the upper right hand corner of the dashboard. Click on create a new scenario.

2.2 Select Facebook Lead Ads

3. Setting up the Facebook and Email Integration

In this step you will customize what services you want to integrate. You will have to be running Facebook Lead Ad campaign for this to work. Once you select Facebook Lead Ads module you will want to connect it to the email provider. Setting it up this way will trigger an automatic email once a lead submits their info.

3.1 Connect the Facebook Lead Ads with an Email Module

Click on Add another module, search for Gmail and click send an email.

Now that you have the Facebook and Email modules linked, we will need to connect to your accounts to finish the set up. Make sure you are signed into your social media accounts. 

3.1 Connect to Your Facebook Page and Email

Click on the Facebook Lead Ads module, then type something like “My New Lead Webhook” for the Webhook Name. Click add under Connection and this will bring up your Facebook account. Next, select the Facebook page  currently running the Ads. 

Click on the Gmail module and then click on the Add button under Connection. This will require you to sign into your Gmail account. Type in the recipient’s email you wish to send the lead information as well as a subject line. 

I tend to just put something like “New Lead for _____” in the subject line. In the content box, you can include field data such as first, last name, phone number, email or other questions you have created in lead form. This should automatically populate since you have already connected to your Facebook Page. 

Voila! You are done. Be sure to save and turn on scheduling for this integration to work. Click “Run once” to test the integration to make sure it was connected properly. 

Integromat is very affordable. They have a FREE plan that allows you to do up to 1000 operations/month. Unless you are running tons of Facebook Ads with complex operations this should not be a problem. Even if you upgrade to the $9/month basic plan it is still a decent price. If you need more operations you can upgrade to their standard, business, platinum plan or even create a custom plan!

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