Ways To Use SMS Marketing For Your Small Business

Benefits to Text Message Marketing Tool For Small Business

It’s important for any small business owner to generate leads but you also need to nurture the leads and connect with your audience. It can take multiple touch points with prospect before they buy your product or service. 

A text or SMS marketing tool can help you stay connected with clients as they navigate through different stages of the sales process. SMS marketing for small business can help you grow your business and scale up through automations. 

Different Ways to Use Text Message Marketing For Small Business

  • Opt-in to text message alerts for promotions, advertisements, future discounts or specials. 
  • Send them personalized messages to build relationships and rapport with your business
  • Collect reviews or feedback. You can have customers send you a quick review through text. This can help you build your testimonials to put on your website or social media. This can be a handy tool because it can give you the opportunity to fix any issues before a customer puts a negative review of your business on somewhere like Google or Yelp. 
  • Send appointment or courtesy reminders.
  • Notify customers their reservation or table is ready at your restaurant. 
  • Nuture leads. As soon as a lead comes in through your Facebook or Google advertisement, send them follow up text messages to keep your service or product at the forefront of their minds.

Should Your Business Use Text Marketing?

Text marketing can be a smart move for your business. It depends on how you run your business and how you want to make the most out of it to make processes seamless.

 In this digital age, more people are on their phones and prefer the quick convenient text messaging platform where they can open a message in a few seconds compared to other avenues such as checking email, which they are accustomed to being flooded with spam. Especially the younger generation. Vast majority of them have a cell phone. 

Looking For An Affordable Text Message Marketing Tool For Small Business?

I found ClickSend to be one of the best text messaging platforms. It is simple, affordable and gets the job done. Many other platforms have a monthly rate which may not be what you need. 

Pricing For ClickSend

This is a sample of their pricing for SMS outbound messages. For around $20 bucks you can send approximately 570 messages. The more messaged you send the less the rate will be. 

Send SMS with ClickSend Template

This is the ClickSend SMS template you can use to prepare to send your personalized SMS marketing campaign. You can create different pre-written templates and select from them at your convenience. The template is easy to use and pretty straight forward. 

Scheduled SMS Messages and Automation For Your Business

Check message history to connect with customers who have replied or to follow up with them. You can also schedule your messages to go out at a certain time if that fits your business needs. There are hundreds of software, CRM, marketing automations you can set up and integrate with ClickSend. You can customize it to get the most out of SMS marketing for your small business. 

Give ClickSend a try to see if it fits your business needs. I’ve tried many other SMS marketing tools and I’ve found ClickSend to fit me the best as it is more of a pay as you go model instead of making you sign up for a monthly fee.